COVID-19 General Standard Operating Procedures for Construction Industry

*adopted from federal, state and local regulations and recommendations

Milgard School of Business

Presented by the University of Washington Milgard School of Business, Students Assisting Business Program for They Need XYZ.

I. People

  1. Visitors
    1. All people who enter the construction site should be actively screened for COVID-19 symptoms
    2. Consider restricting jobsite access to employees only
  2. Physical Distancing
    1. Remind employees about social distancing throughout the day
    2. Is there an appropriate number of workers to stay 6ft apart within the construction sit
  3. Employees
    1. Advise in home self-checkups for COVID-19 symptoms before coming to work 
    2. Advice sick employees of Home Isolation Criteria 
    3. Practice strict adherence to hygiene guidelines and be aware of client requirements

II. Places

    1. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
      1. Require the use of mask coverings and gloves among all workers
      2. Supply proper PPE to workers at no cost to them and offer masks to visitors
      3. Clean all employer owned and controlled equipment at the end of each da
    2. Hygiene and Cleaning
      1. Ensure all workers sanitize after breaks and before returning to work
      2. Clean and sanitize shared equipment between each use and have workers wash hands
      3. Check the provided link for proved Disinfectants by EPA
    3. Communication
      1. Post signage including a worksite specific plan which can be found here.
      2. Have visual alerts in your area about hand hygiene, respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette
      3. Put up a log box for employees to sign in to work each day

    III. Process

    1. Screening
      1. Evaluate employees for signs/symptoms of COVID-19 at the start of their shift. 
      2. Systematically assess all visitors upon arrival, take temperature, provide facemask if needed
    2. Contaminated Areas and Contact
      1. Have a plan for cleaning, disinfection, and contact tracing in the event of a positive case
      2. Consult HVAC professional for improving clean-to-less-clean air flow and filtration efficiency
    3. Share less
      1. Avoid using items that cannot be disinfected regularly such as tools or clothing

    IV. Other

    • State Government Recommendations: WSDA
    • Federal Recommendations and Requirements: CDC 
    • Reduced Restrictions to non-urgent care and precautions: Inslee Proclamation

    V. Supplies

    1. KN95 Masks for staff 
    2. 3ply Face Mask to give away to customers while they shop or eat.
    3. Face Shield for staff 
    4. Ready to use Surface Sanitizer

    Download the Specific Detailed Guidelines